Non-Toxic and PVC-Free Air Beds (Updated)

41Rt0nikj+LThese days, when you need an extra bed, you’re more likely to pull out an air mattress than a sofa sleeper and for camping, the inflatable air mattress is apt to be found on most packing lists.

The problem, however, is that these days they are almost universally made with PVC, which outgasses harmful fumes long after that telltale “new mattress smell” has dissipated and can contain lead.

A few years ago, those of us who objected to breathing in toxic fumes may have had little recourse other than to forgo the luxury of an air mattress and lump it—but we now have many more options:

ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed: (Added May 2016) Made with durable PVC-free fabric, this air bed is incredibly lightweight which makes for easy transport. It utilizes a coil system for a more solid and comfortable sleeping area and comes with a state-of-the-art rechargeable pump inflates and deflates quickly and easily.

Lightspeed Outdoors Airbed: Made from eco-friendlier TPU, this PVC-free and phthalate-free two person air mattress comes with a battery operated pump + FREE SHIPPING on Amazon.

The Aerobed Pakmat: It’s PVC and phthalate-free and made of 100% eco-friendly materials. Uses a hand pump instead of batteries or electricity to inflate and only takes about 60 seconds plus it weighs only 5 lbs and stores right inside it’s pump case. FREE SHIPPING on Amazon.com.

The Aerobed Ecolite: Made from eco-friendlier TPU instead of PVC, the Ecolite is phthalate-free and comes with a rechargeable pump. Unlike the Pakmat, it comes in twin and queen sizes and is 40% lighter than PVC air mattresses. Personally, I’d still go for the Pakmat because I’ve had several air mattress pumps die on me over the years.

Kelty Sleep Eazy: Made of 70D nylon with a TPU laminate, and includes a standard coil for support. The PVC-free Sleep Eazy is also a breeze to inflate thanks to the 6-volt rechargeable pump, which includes both a car and wall charger for versatile use. And to ensure compact storage, the airbed comes with a Kelty Binto storage bin.

Lake Timber Top Rubberized Fabric Air Mattress: Back before PVC was so ubiquitous, air mattresses were made of rubberized fabric and were reputedly super durable, in addition to being far more eco-friendly than their PVC counterparts. This rubberized fabric air mattress is the equivalent of a twin or single air mattress at 30″ X 72″ and can also be used in the water. Comes with a repair kit and is eligible for FREE SHIPPING on Amazon.com

I also found companies in the UK and Australia that carry rubberized cotton air mattresses. I will link to them for our non-American readers and anyone who might be interested in  placing an international order:

Amazon UK: They carry a couple different options in rubberized cotton air mattresses by a company called Highlander.

Discount Camping: This Australian store carries three different sizes of rubberized cotton air mattresses.

Happy PVC-free sleeping!

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Win: Luxury Organic Cotton Sheet Set

What: Organic cotton sheets

Features: Super soft 300 thread count sateen cotton sheets. The fitted sheet is designed to accommodate mattresses up to 10″ thick. Available in sable or heather white.

Green Factor: Certified to the most stringent set of standards by GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Standards, Essentia’s sheets are made from 100% certified organic cotton. Organic cotton, grown without pesticides, herbicides or chemicals, is by far the best option for bedding because you sleep directly on it for hours at a time.

Find it Here: Essentia

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How: Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter ES12 as the giveaway name and tell us three products (other than sheets) carried by Essentia AND how many chemicals are contained in the ordinary memory foam mattress— all of which can be found on Essentia’s web site.

Giveaway ends at midnight on 4/23/12; $299 value. Open to residents of US and Canada only. Official Rules. THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. Congrats to Mary!

Extra Entries: To receive an extra entry, tweet about this giveaway (be sure to include @greenmomreview in your tweet) and fill out another entry form letting us know about your tweet (be sure to include YOUR Twitter name).

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We all want a safe haven for our babies and giving them an eco-friendly space of their own is surely at the top of any green mom’s list BUT…we all know green can also cost a lot of green.

Fortunately, with a little creativity, perseverance and time, you can give your bundle of joy safe, eco-friendly accommodations without spending a fortune and I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to get started!

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Big Sale at Pure & Little!

Pure and Little, purveyors of organic baby and toddler gear are having a SITEWIDE 50% off sale. It runs from March 24th through 26th so remember to pop on over there this Thursday, Friday or Saturday for some great organic bargains. And if you have any baby showers coming up, this is a great time to score a fabulous gift for the mama-to-be!

Find It Here: Pure and Little

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Organic Children’s Pillows

What: Organic children’s pillows

Features: Kid-sized pillows made from a variety of non-synthetic, organic materials.

Green Factor: Organic pillows are free of toluene, diisocyanate, formaldehyde, PBDEs and petroleum derivatives and some also deter dust mites, making them ideal for allergy-sufferers.

Bonus: Check out The Clean Bedroom’s nursery clearance section for deals on organic bedding products for baby. Also, save 10% by becoming a Facebook fan!

Find It Here: The Clean Bedroom

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Organic Comfort Zone Contest

mattress-topper.jpgOrganic Comfort Zone is sponsoring a creative writing contest. The rules are simple: “In 300 words or less, tell us why a good night’s sleep is important to you.

Your entry can be a short essay, a catchy jingle, a detailed list of tips & tricks or even a whimsical poem. Be creative, original and on-target with the theme. Entries must be received by midnight of September 30, 2009. Winners will be selected week of October 5th.
All contest entrants must be a member of Organic Comfort Zone’s FaceBook Fan Page. An online entry form can be found here.

The Grand Prize Winner will receive a CozyPure® Cuddle-Sack Natural Latex Mattress Topper and two CozyPure® La’Noodle Pillows. Two runner-ups will be awarded $25 gift certificates from Organic Comfort Zone which can be redeemed at their retail location at 201 W. Ocean View Ave., Norfolk, VA or on their website.

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jumper.jpgWouldn’t it be cool if there was a web site chock full of organic baby wares at wholesale prices? A site where each product has been researched and reviewed, with a wide selection of organic cotton and bamboo items at discount prices? (Basically, a web site that does all of the legwork, and finds the good stuff for you?)

As it happens, there is a site just like that and it’s called Babblebabies and you need to check it out if you’re looking for organic baby products like bedding, clothing and toys at really great prices.

Babblebabies offers unique products from organic brand names like Sckoon, Speesees, Bumkins, Generation Baby and more. The site is informative and easy to navigate, and the products are cute. Very cute. I’m quite taken with the jumpers (like the Speesees one above), and the Sckoon Organic Cotton toys are absolutely adorable—they’d make fantastic gifts and great lovies for little ones.

The folks behind Babblebabies are always looking out for new, organic products, and they want to hear about your favourite green companies. They’ve even got a Facebook page—post a picture of your wee one wearing gear from Babblebabies and receive a $5 discount. So what are you waiting for? Shoo!

Find It Here: Babblebabies

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Bamboo in Mah Bed?

sheets.jpgUntil a few years ago, bamboo was, to me, something that grew like crazy in my neighbor’s backyard and occasionally turned up in my Chinese food. These days, however, bamboo is turning up in all kinds of places like flooring, clothing, towels and sheets. Yes, I said sheets. Super soft sheets, in fact, because it turns out that bamboo fibers are very silky and yet strong and durable. But bamboo isn’t just soft and silky and durable. It’s also highly sustainable and renewable, requires no pesticides to grow, is fast-drying, hypo-allergenic and has remarkable natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. I’m thinking bamboo sheets are the ones I’d want to sleep on and the ones we want you to sleep on, too, which is why we’re giving away a set of fabulous, luxurious, awesomelicious Karen Neuburger bamboo sheets to one lucky reader!

Find It Here: BonTon

Win It: We’re giving away a set of Karen Neuburger queen/king-sized bamboo sheets to one randomly selected winner. Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter KN5 as the giveaway name and answer the question: Do you have any other bamboo products in your home? Enter by 5/27/09. $130 value. Open to US residents. Contest Closed. Congrats to Michelle!

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Sustainable Decor for Kids by Saplings

saplings.pngYou know I love all things green, right? Green is good. No, actually green is AWESOME. But even better than the awesomeness of green is the awesomeness of green combined with style.  While I love many traditional childhood decor themes, I’m a big fan of nifty modern designs for the wee ones, as well. One shop in particular that makes me swoon is Saplings. They have oodles of  stylish eco-friendly kid and baby decor, all with an emphasis on being chemical-free, organic, fair-trade, sustainably-produced and locally procured whenever possible. Perusing their site is like a little slice of mass-marketed-characters-free heaven, with timeless designs that won’t become embarrassing or uncool as your child grows older. In a culture where everything is designed to break or go out of style in a shockingly short period of time (aka “planned obsolescence“) Saplings is like a breath of fresh, VOC-free air.

Find It HereSaplings

Win It: We’re giving away a $50 gift certificate to Saplings. Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter SAP as the giveaway name and provide the answer to this question: What is your favorite item in the Saplings shop? Enter by 4/19/09. $50 value. Contest closed. Congrats Katie!

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SShhhh Satsuma

Satsuma Velour BlanketSleep is golden when you have a newborn and yet the hospital typically sends you home with a large, less-than-soft blanket to assist you with swaddling. If only Satsuma’s bamboo blankets were standard issue everywhere — incredibly soft, durable and entirely sustainable, the 30″x30″dimensions are perfectly suited for swaddling a little one right up into the softest snuggle ever with the extra added bonus of bamboo’s naturally antibacterial properties to protect baby and soothe my germ-o-phobia! The price range is terrific ($35-$50) for something you will use day and night, swaddle in…swaddle out and even if your little one has outgrown the need for swaddling, the Satsuma line is growing!

Find It Here: Cooler Choices

Win It! We’re giving away a velour bamboo blanket! Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter “BV5” as the giveaway name and provide the answer to this question: What is your favorite product available from Cooler Choices (besides the Satsuma blanket!)? U.S. residents eligible. Enter by 9/16/08. Contest closed. Congrats, Regina W.!

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Supercharged Sleeping

bbsheetcar.jpgWho says that organic cotton bedding has to be plain and boring? This supercharged sheet set by Pixel Organics is anything BUT boring and the retro red, white and blue print is “really cool!” as my son would say. This set is made in the U.S.A. of super soft organic sateen cotton with low-impact dyes, which we love, and they have actually enticed my son to get to bed on time which is no small feat. I think it’s safe to say these sheets totally RULE.

Find It Here: Wild Dill

Win It! We’re giving away a fitted twin sheet! Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter “WD55” as the giveaway name and provide the answer to this question: What is the name of one other item for sale in Wild Dill’s sleep selection? U.S. or Canadian residents eligible. Enter by 8/26/08. Contest closed. Congrats, Denise G.!

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We’re Lovin’ This Lovey

lu2.jpgWhen I was a small child, you wouldn’t see me go anywhere without my blankie. I cuddled with it for more years than I’d like to admit and I still keep it tucked away as a memento of my childhood. Now that I have kids, I’ve been looking for that perfect blankie for them, and I think I’ve found it. The little lu by ja*lu is exactly what a lovely should be. Made of 100% certified organic cotton velour, it’s the perfect size for little hands to hold onto. And it’s soft — the kind of soft that you hold against your cheek and feel instantly comforted. Something else that will make you feel good? Ja*lu also gives back 5% of its profits to selected charities, including Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, the International Breastmilk Project and The Mary House. And finally, the little lu is machine washable so when it gets dirty— and it will — it’s easy to clean. Mama and baby are gonna be resting sooo much easier.

Find It Here: ja*lu

Win It! We’re giving away a little lu to one lucky winner! Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter “JL49” as the giveaway name and provide the answer to this question: What is one other organic cotton baby item sold from ja*lu? U.S. and Canadian residents eligible. Contest closed. Congratulations Teresa!

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