Paper Loop


What: Paper Loop Greeting Cards

Features: L.A.-based Paper Loop is an eco-friendly, wholesale stationary company that offers up a variety of fun and funky greeting cards for all occasions

Green Factor: Using recycled paper and envelopes, biodegradable sleeves, wind-powered printing and domestic suppliers are ways this company keeps it green

Bonus: Can be found in the US, Canada, the UK, Chile and Japan; will ship via buyer’s preference

Find It Here: Paper Loop

Favorite Things: Traditional Razors

parker-90r-detail.jpgI’ve always been kind of bothered by disposable razors. I mean, you use it a few times and then you just THROW IT AWAY. It’s absurd. What really pushed me over the edge, though, is when my husband tried the free Gillete Fusion we got in the mail and decided he really liked it. Yes, it worked nicely but the replacement cartridge heads? Cost a freaking fortune (around $25 for 8 heads). Shaving had suddenly become not only bad for the environment but ridiculously expensive, as well.

After succumbing to his pleas to buy the overpriced, ungreen foolishness a few times I decided there had to be a better alternative and I started looking at real razors like my dad used to use, also known as double edge safety razors. Usually made of stainless steel, chrome or nickel-plated brass, you use stainless steel blades that are generally inexpensive (and recyclable) and you DON’T need to replace the head or handle at all.

After much research, I settled on one and ordered it for my husband (it came with 100 blades) for $37 and change and guess what? HE LOVES IT. Even better? I love it—no more dull blades, no more throwing the whole thing away and no more buying new razor heads at an average price of $3 per head. And as an added bonus…my legs have never been smoother.

Find It Here: Amazon.com

Light Up Your Life

hybrid-flashlight.jpgWhat: Hybrid Solar Lite

Features: You’ve never had a better reason to stop buying batteries for your flashlight until now! The Hybrid Solar Lite generates renewable power from sunlight and room light – eight hours of charging will get you over ten hours of bright light; can be charged repeatedly. A lithium battery backup provides 50 hours of light and has a shelf life of 7 years

Green Factor: Each year, hundreds of thousands of batteries clog landfills. With proper use, this flashlight’s backup battery, which weighs half of what an alkaline battery does, needn’t be used

Bonus: Works in extreme weather conditions, is waterproof up to 80 ft, and floats. Oh, and it pays for itself within a year, too

Find It Here: Hybrid Solar Lite

Pupa Pupa Playmates

pupapupa.jpgWhat: Pupa Pupa dolls

Features: Available at Etsy.com, these adorable, handmade companions (there are boy and girl dolls, mermaids, fairies and a collection of various animals) are stuffed with 100% sheep wool and sport outfits that, in most cases, are made of vintage or salvaged fabric

Green Factor: The material used for the dolls’ bodies is 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton, made in a facility that uses neither harmful toxins nor pollutants

Bonus: Because each doll is handmade, they’re all completely unique. Also, Gwyneth Paltrow is a big fan and recently featured Pupa Pupa dolls in her Goop web site’s newsletter

Find It Here: Pupa Pupa

Oh, Wheely?

wheely-bug.jpgWhat: Wheely Bug

Features: The Wheely Bug is unisex, durable, lightweight and small – perfect for indoor play. Available in two sizes for children up to fifty pounds.

Green Factor: Made with non-toxic materials and is PVC-free. Each bug’s plywood base is made from renewable plantation timber

Bonus: Winner of numerous toy awards, encourages gross motor skills. Also, choose from a ladybug, a cow, a bumblebee or a gray mouse (complete with big pink ears and a tail!)

Find It Here: Prince Lionheart

Happy New Year, Eco Style

underthesea_upclose_4_8.jpgWhat: 2010 Linen Wall Calendar

Features: This unique, hand-illustrated calendar is a cool way to commemorate the start of a new decade! Printed in navy, with two eyelets for easy hanging

Green Factor: Made with naturally sustainable linen and printed with water-based inks

Bonus: Made in the US of A!

Find It Here: Linea Carta