Favorite Things: Toothpaste

toms.jpgOf course, we dig everything we feature on this site but it occurred to me recently that I’ve never really written about the green products I use in my everyday life. Sooo…I thought that every now and then I could feature some of the things I really can’t live without because I love them THAT MUCH!

One thing I refuse to compromise on is my toothpaste. I won’t use any of the conventional brands anymore. Why? Because they have a lot of nasty chemicals in them that aren’t necessary to have clean, healthy teeth. My personal fave is Tom’s of Maine Natural Whole Care. We’ve been using it for about two years now and it does exactly what it’s supposed to do but without so much toxic junk in it. And it also tastes really good, thanks to actual spearmint and peppermint oils. Additionally, The Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Safety Database gives it a 1 out of 10 which means it’s regarded as “low hazard.” It does cost a little more but considering that we brush at least twice a day and it goes in our mouths, I’m willing to pay more for it. One way to save is to stock up when it’s on sale OR buy it in bulk on Amazon.com when it’s on sale and save BIG!

Find It Here: Tom’s of Maine

Warm That Tushy!

9001_big.jpgI admit that I’ve never owned a wipe warmer. But I also admit that there were many, many times when I wished I did, such as when my little newborn baby would let out  painful howls of protest when touched by a cold, wet wipe *hangs head in shame*  Yes, I used disposable wipes back when being green meant you were probably going to yack all over someone’s shoes. These days, however, I know about all sorts of groovy green things, including reusable, chemical-free wipes made from non-toxic fibers like organic cotton and bamboo. And that cold, wet part? Not so much of an issue with a Warmies Wipe Warmer made especially for reusable wipes. And by using those reusable wipes, you’ll keep all those chemicals they use in conventional wipes away from your baby’s delicate skin AND avoid the painful howls of protest that come from putting an ice cold wipe on your baby’s tush. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Find It Here: Warmies Wipe Warmer

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Weekly Green Round-Up

roundup.pngYoung Girls, Makeup and the Media: How Not to Raise a Diva  from Eco Child’s Play — A must-read for parents of girls.

Stuffed French Toast from Food Renegade — This post is from January but it looks SO good plus Kristen tells you how to make your french toast like it’s from a restaurant *drooling*

Health News from Bonafrutta — Informative chemical-related health news including a link to an article about the correlation between notably increased autism rates and the onset of environmental deregulation in both Indiana and in the US overall.

Eat Your Veggies from Hip Organic Mama — How to get your kids to eat their veggies and like them, too.

Lawn Care Chemicals are the Wrong  Shade of Green by Mom Goes Green — Not unlike Doreen, I shudder when I see an immaculate lawn (during a 3 yr drought!) with one of those little poison warning signs in the grass.

Let’s Clear the Air

images.jpgI love to travel and explore with my family. At the same time I dread it—being out of my comfort zone, being away from my kitchen where I prepare meals that nourish our bodies with good food and our souls with tradition, and stepping into the unknown of chemicals and cleaners used at the place where we will rest our heads.

Since we’ve stopped using chemicals and have been eating real food, we notice it, even the kids do. Walking into a shoe or toy store makes our eyes water with all the off-gassing. It’s amazing what we can subject our bodies to, lack of nutrition, bombarding it with chemicals and disease, and our lovely bodies continue to function. Our family, thankfully, is more in tune so we can make better decisions knowing what’s good and not.

We realize this and are more accepting of the outside world when we travel but there is one thing we cannot tolerate. And you shouldn’t either. When you think about it, it’s an amazing invention that never existed and now has become a necessary element in making a house a home.

Sprays, plug-ins, plug-ins that self-spray, odor neutralizers, air sanitizers, and aromatherapy candles in just the right scent are all there, something for everyone. Air fresheners seem to work to help erase the smells in the room and clean the air, but actually they work on us. The chemicals coat our nasal passages with a film that deadens the nerve endings. They mask the problem and fool us into thinking the room is fresh, the smell we have learned to think of as clean.

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One Small Change for Babykind

One Small Change Changing Pad and ToteChanging diapers on the go? I’m not a fan—but if you have to do it, it might as well be done on top of something organic and non-toxic and if it’s pretty and portable, so much the better (back when I didn’t know any better, I had this lovely vinyl *cringe* portable changing pad). We like the One Small Change changing station/tote from JourneyLight. It’s made of organic cotton, hemp and low-impact dyes, has compostable cornstarch foam padding, a non-toxic water resistant finish plus handy pockets and a shoulder strap—completely cool (with nary a bunny, ducky or teddy bear in sight) and totally uncringeworthy!

Find It Here:  JourneyLight

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