What in the World is a Mermapillar?

ladybugs.pngEvery now and then, we come across some kind of organic clothing that we think is really special or unique. These organic cotton onesies by Mermapillar are one such example. As you probably know by now, organic cotton is mega-soft and is grown without the heavy pesticide load and processing chemicals associated with conventional cotton so two thumbs up for organic cotton, right? But the Mermapillar organic cotton onesies are special because you get to choose from 21 different little super-charming “merma-critter” appliques to be sewn on your item in the color of your choice so you essentially get a totally custom product. You can choose from hats, t-shirts, bibs, onesies and thermals to customize. Be warned, though…they’re so cute, you might be hard-pressed to choose just one!

 Find it Here: Mermapillar

BlogGreen Brings You Great Green Deals

mast_part_1.jpgIf you do a lot of online shopping AND you like to buy green (organic, sustainable, biodegradable etc) AND you like to know you’re getting a good deal, take a look at BlogGreen, which uses Pricegrabber’s price comparison technology to help readers find the best deals on a variety of great green goods. I know Christmas is less than two weeks away but if you’re a procrastinator (like me) and still need to place some gift orders, go check out BlogGreen and see what kind of awesome green deals they’ve unearthed for you!

Immaculate Cookies

immaculate_baking.gifFast, convenient and delicious, the Immaculate Baking Company rolls out their new Better Bakes, a healthier alternative to some of the other ready-to-bake cookies out there. Made of ALL ORGANIC ingredients, no trans fats, artificial flavors or other funky, unnatural stuff, you’ll feel good about baking these. With yummy classics to choose from like oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, triple chocolate chunk and vanilla sugar,these cookies are sure to satisfy kids and grown-ups alike. Not only do they have great cookies, they are cookies with a cause—a cause to support, nurture and celebrate creativity. One way they do this is being the primary supporters of Folk Artist’s Foundation and through Soul Food Fund, which provides programs that pair folk artists with kids.

Find It Here: Immaculate Baking Company

Last Minute Gift Idea: Muffatees!

ssmuffatees0.jpgAs someone born and raised in a warm part of California, I must say that when it comes to cold, I am a wimp. I admit it. I no likey the cold. And that means that when it dips below 70 degrees, I’m pulling out my jacket, gloves, scarf…and now….my muffatees too! Muffatees are these really cool fingerless gloves designed to give coverage to that little space between the top of your mitten and your jacket sleeve….because no one likes cold wrists, right?! Hand-knit by a woman’s collective in Peru, muffatees are made of super soft alpaca wool and available in sizes for mamas and children/toddlers. At $20 and under, they might just be the perfect holiday gift for the girlfriend/co-worker/niece/nephew that you need a present for, but just weren’t sure what to get. And if you pick up a pair for yourself, we’ll totally understand.

Find It Here: Go Baby 

Lunch Sacks Are Cool Again

07eef370b2a74d5562a5694861e97f0f.jpgWho said being un-wasteful means being un-cool? Personally, we think the coolest lunch containers are not made of plastic. Take these fair wage/fair labor cotton lunch sacks from Print Pattern Paper. They come in a number of original prints, including some very cool robot designs for kids. Today we’re giving away a Print Pattern Lunch sack AND  a coordinating 100% organic cotton napkin, a reusable disposable 7″ Bambu brand bamboo plate, and a reusable bamboo fork, knife and spoon utensil set!

Win It! Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter “PP66” as the giveaway name and provide the answer to this question: What is your favorite lunch sack design? Open to US residents only. Enter by 12/16/08. $30 value. Contest closed. Congrats, Lisa W.!

Eco-Learning and Green Gaming!

ec.pngTeaching our children about caring for the planet has definitely become easier with the internet but it’s safe to assume all moms, green or not, harbor some concerns about the type of websites their children view. Well, way back in 1994, when the internet was barely a blip on the world’s radar screen, the awesome EcoKids was started as an online environmental educational program. This interactive and award-winning website offers topical games and activities that will encourage your kid to become a savvy environmentalist and it’s totally free!  No logins or passwords or special codes (that must be purchased along with a toy or stuffed animal) are needed to utilize this great green site.  Kids can pick from dozens of games in six different categories: Wildlife, Climate Change, Energy, The North, Waste, and Land Use and learn while they play. Oh, and if you find yourself playing the games or taking the quizzes along with your kids, don’t worry—we do it, too!

Find It Here: EcoKids Game and Activities

Peace on Earth. Delivered.

512b0dbef0271bf5484c915843ef36e2.jpgThere is something about picking out the perfect Christmas card and sending it with a personalized note, that I really love to do around the holidays. Maybe it’s because I treasure the ones that I get from friends and family that show that extra special care. This year, I found my perfect Christmas card at Print Pattern Paper. Made by Wisconsin mother and designer Rebecca Peragine, these holiday cards are made of 100% recycled cardstock and come in five designs – comfort (pictured), snowflake, peace dove, peace tree, and peace star. Her original designs are made with found papers, usually from magazines, newspapers, and foreign text books. And yeah, sending an e-mail greeting *might* be the greenest way to say “Merry Christmas”, but sometimes a special greeting is in order. Plus, it is recycled cardstock after all. 🙂

Find It Here: Print Pattern Paper

Deal! Receive 15% off at Print Pattern Paper, using code “GMF08”. Expires 12/14/08.

Homemade Cleaning Products

My grandmother recently emailed me some homemade recipes for cleaning products that she clipped from the paper. I was surprised to find that I already have all of the ingredients to make them, and since I have 2 young boys I clean up A LOT of messes. I thought I’d pass them a long to you so you can try them out, and save a little money.

Furniture Polish: Combine 1/4 cup of olive oil, 1/4 cup of distilled vinegar, and 2 tsp. lemon juice and shake well. Dip a clean and dry cloth into polish and rub wood in the direction of the grain. Refrigerate any remaining polish.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Sprinkle bowl with baking soda and drizzle with white vinegar. Let soak 30 minutes, and scrub with toilet brush. For tough stains, let soak overnight.

All Purpose Cleaner: Combine 2 cups of white distilled vinegar and 2 cups of water. Use on counter tops, kitchen floors, windows, mirrors, and any other hard surfaces. For tough jobs, warm the cleaner in the microwave.

Let me know how these work for you!

Author Patricia Wooster is the founder of the Project Organic Eating blog, where healthy eating meets affordability!

Stainless Steel Stocking Stuffer

3303538b1fc5003727c18716a9f10ae2image300x300.jpgOne of the first things I did when I starting going green was to stop buying disposable water bottles. Ever since, I’ve been having fun trying out all of the different reusable bottles out there. One of my favorites is the Kleen Kanteen. While the colors and patterns are somewhat limited as compared to the Sigg, I personally love the simple, classic silver and so does my husband. But most of all, I love that the interior is made of non-leaching, high-grade stainless steel. My current dilemma, however, is that I only own one and my husband I fight over who gets to use it when we go out together. I guess we know what he’s getting in his stocking this year!

Find It Here: Natural Pod

Your Baby Never Slept Better

picture-035.jpgWhen creating a green nursery, your baby’s crib mattress is one item you might not want to skimp on. According to the Healthy Child website, toxic chemicals such as PVC, phthalates, polyurethane foam, and fire retardants are often found in crib mattresses. If you’re looking to reduce your child’s exposure to some of these harsh chemicals, then look no further than the Coco Mat Organic Crib Mattress from Natural Mat. Handmade in England, The Coco Mat is filled with organic coir made from sustainably sourced coconut husks coated with natural latex and then wrapped in lambswool. Try repeating that five times fast! Phew! This 100% organic mattress is high quality and completely free of glues, bonding agents, chemicals, plastics and PVC. Plus, all Natural Mat mattresses are naturally fire retardant (details here) and they source their raw materials from 100% renewable and sustainable sources that adhere to fair-trade policies. Wow! There are so many great features about these mattresses, it’s hard to stop gabbing about them! Just one more thing bears mentioning – my 15-month-old sleeps on his Coco Mat like…well, like a baby…and his smile every morning is testimony that Coco Mat isn’t just a safer mattress, it’s a comfortable one too. Now, if only they’d make it in Queen size!

Find It Here: Goore’s

Deal!  Receive 10% off any Natural Mat order from Goore’s using code gmfnm.

P. S. If your child has allergies or asthma, then check out the Latex Mat from Natural Mat, which is also chemical-free but hypoallergenic as well. Natural Mat also has organic cotton and flannel crib bedding and handmade mattress pads of wonderful quality.

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