This Takes The Cake

pc001.jpgLooking for an original AND green gift with some flair for your next baby shower? Check out these diaper cakes from GrowInStyle. We know you’re rolling your eyes but trust us, these are NOT your typical diaper cakes. For starters, they’re made with eco-friendly disposable diapers! They’re also handmade-to-order in the U.S. and come in an array of sizes and styles. My personal fave is the Dragon Fly Pound Cake, which comes with a natural rubber teething toy and 20 size 1 Nature BabyCare diapers. If you need something a little bigger, you might like the Trusty Tractor Diaper Cake for boys with 80 diapers or the Pink Rose Bouquet Pound Cake with 40 diapers, an organic cotton receiving blanket, baby blanket, socks and more.  For those on a diet (read: budget), they even have the cutest little cupcakes. If you still can’t decide, just customize your own! Diaper cakes come with either Nature BabyCare (which we’ve covered on Green Mom Finds before) or Seventh Generation. And for all you die hard greenies, cloth diaper cakes may become available in the future so keep checking back!

Find It Here: GrowInStyle

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Yarn Man Cap

818_large.jpg Have you heard the hat is back? It is! And while your man may never have envisioned himself wearing a knitted cap, just wait until he sees this one — made of hemp, organic cotton and wool, the Yarn Man Cap is sustainable and hip, to boot. If this one doesn’t do it for you, then check out the more than 40 styles of men’s hats available from Sustainable Style. Each unique hat blends sustainability (duh!) and style with fabrics like hemp, fabric scraps, salvaged wool, and organic cotton. Doing something good for the environment has never looked so cool!

Find It Here: Sustainable Style

Little Green Riding Hood

poncho1.jpgIt may only be September but cooler weather is just around the corner for a lot of folks and this sweet, hooded, red poncho, made of 100% certified organic cotton fleece and low-impact dyes, is perfect for those chilly fall mornings and evenings. Easy on and easy off, this gem is not only eco-friendly but also socially responsible as it’s crafted in association with a rural poverty program for women sponsored by World Bank. Little Red Riding Hood’s gone green, baby!

[via BabooBaby]

Find It Here: Kee-Ka

SShhhh Satsuma

Satsuma Velour BlanketSleep is golden when you have a newborn and yet the hospital typically sends you home with a large, less-than-soft blanket to assist you with swaddling. If only Satsuma’s bamboo blankets were standard issue everywhere — incredibly soft, durable and entirely sustainable, the 30″x30″dimensions are perfectly suited for swaddling a little one right up into the softest snuggle ever with the extra added bonus of bamboo’s naturally antibacterial properties to protect baby and soothe my germ-o-phobia! The price range is terrific ($35-$50) for something you will use day and night, swaddle in…swaddle out and even if your little one has outgrown the need for swaddling, the Satsuma line is growing!

Find It Here: Cooler Choices

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Marshmallowy Goodness

peanut_butter_crispy_rice_bars_productsmall.gifRice crispy treats have to be one of the all-time favorite desserts from my childhood. The gooeyness, the crunchiness, the rice crispiness of it all….Where was I? Oh yeah. There’s one downside. The marshmallows you get at the store are often made with artificial flavors and corn syrup and they’re typically not organic. That’s why I’m over the moon about the new Envirokidz Organic Crispy Rice Bars. They contain absolutely nothing artificial, they’re gluten free, trans fat free, low sodium, and they’re USDA organic. Plus YUM — they’re good! They also donate 1% of their sales to towards endangered species and environmental causes, which is cause to celebrate, no? The other cause to celebrate? You Your kids get to enjoy rice crispy treats again but this time? Without the artificial junk and that’s no easy feat these days!

Find It Here: Envirokidz

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Green Socializing

gd.pngLet’s say you’re a person of the green persuasion and let’s say maybe you’re surrounded by peeps that are…notsogreen. It’s pretty lame, isn’t it? I mean, yeah, you’ve found a lot of like-minded folks on the internet and that’s cool but you’d rather do the in-real-life  thing sometimes and who could blame you? We all need some actual face time away from ye olde computer. But how? With whom? Well, with the people you’ll meet through Green Drinks, an international organization that helps bring together green-minded folks in cities all around the world. Just go to their web site, choose your country, state, city etc. and it’s very likely that somewhere near you, greenies will be getting together for drinks. It’s an awesome idea! See you there?

Find It Here: Green Drinks International

Totally Sustainable, Totally Bamboo

20-1200-kauai.jpgAs a grass, bamboo grows very quickly and can regenerate in three to five years. This is one of the reasons that bamboo is often seen as a sustainable “green alternative” and makes us love it for cutting boards in lieu of wood or plastic. Yet, there are some concerns about the manufacturing of bamboo, as well as worries about clear-cutting and fertilizer use. Sheesh. Can’t anything ever be cut and dry? I guess it might be greener to salvage a cement slab and use that as a cutting board, though it wouldn’t be quite as attractive as the bamboo variety. So for now, we’re going to skip the cement (and also the plastic) in favor of these handsome cutting boards from Totally Bamboo. My favorite is the Hawaiian collection with the African collection coming in at a close second. They’re so pretty that when they’re not in use, you’ll be tempted to put them on display. I could never say that about my ugly old plastic cutting boards (that I now have to try and recycle!)

Find It Here: Totally Bamboo

Leave Your Flip Flops at the Door

recycledflipflopmat_300.jpgSummer may be coming to an end soon but flip flops will be around all year with  wetSand’s Recycled Flip Flop Door Mat. Durable, colorful and made from scrap materials left over from the manufacturing of flip flops, they come in four different sizes: small mat, large mat, area rug, and runner. We could go on about how great it is that the foam rubber scraps used to make these super cool mats don’t go into the landfill to rest for all eternity but we’d rather just say we love them and think every door should be sporting one!

Find It Here: Recycled Flip Flop Door Mat

Feelin’ Kinda Sassy

yhst-83333507685311_2017_12525599.gif*See editor’s note below.

Despite the recent FDA’s claims that BPA is safe, we at The Green Mom Review are still huge proponents of BPA-free products. We’re not taking any chances with our children’s health and that includes keeping the endocrine disruptors out of our kids’ bodies. Sorry, BPA – that means you! That said, we are happy to tell you where you can find some really practical children’s feeding products that are BPA-free, kid-friendly and affordable – like these products from Sassy available at The Soft Landing. The Sassy Feeding Plate Set with covers is my absolute favorite for taking the kids on a picnic. They’re a great alternative to bringing disposable paper plates and they come with a snap-on cover, which means you don’t have to worry about taking messy plates home with you. Or step it up a notch with the On the Go Feeding Set (pictured here) which includes several compartments and a lid. The Extra Gentle Soft Tip Spoons are great for the early feeder and the Feeding Bowl Set is nice for toddler snacks or infant feeding. Check out all the Sassy products here, and mix and match for the perfect BPA-free feeding set for your kids!

Find It Here: The Soft Landing

Green Mom Discount! Receive 10% off your purchase at The Soft Landing. Use code GMF808 at checkout!

*Editor’s Note: We recently found out that several feeding products manufactured by Sassy do contain BPA, including some of the products reviewed in this post. Please visit The Soft Landing for more details on which products contain BPA as well as information about how to seek reimbursement if you have purchased any BPA-containing products. Please note that this information was not available to The Green Mom Review at the time of our original post. Thank you to The Soft Landing for keeping everyone informed about this and continuing their committment to BPA-free product sales.

Born to Be Wild – Forum Giveaway!

bee.gifWild Dill is one of our favorite places to find organic, fair-trade, sweatshop-free products for babies and toddlers. I’m like a kid in a candy store when I visit their online store. Not so green of me, eh? I know, but I can’t help it. Unique, natural toys and clothing get me all excited — and so does the fact that we are giving away a $45 gift certificate to Wild Dill to one lucky winner over at the The Green Mom Review! Click here to enter!

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